Ascension Project Updates

Finalized Land Use Amendment Application: An updated Land Use Amendment application was submitted to Rocky View County administration on September 14, 2023. The revised application was reviewed by the County and circulated to both internal and external stakeholders and adjacent landowners in October 2023. The project team received comments back on the application recently and has made minor changes to the land use in response. This finalized version of the application will be presented to Rocky View County Council. To access the finalized version of the application, please visit the “Project Resources” tab, or click here.

Public Hearing: The land use application is scheduled for a public hearing on January 24, 2024 for consideration by Rocky View County Council. For more information on the public hearing, please visit the Rocky View County website or review the Special Council Meeting & Public Hearing First Notice under the “Project Updates” tab here.

Highfield Land Management is working on a land use amendment application for the Ascension Conceptual Scheme Plan Area. The application was submitted in October 2022 and based on circulation comments received from the County and public, the application is being updated for resubmission. Visit the Project Resources tab to view the application and stay tuned for more information about future public engagement.

“A comprehensively-planned, development inspired by its breathtaking views and natural topography, located on the gateway into the Bearspaw community.”

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