Nestled on the gateway into Bearspaw and Northwest Calgary, directly west of 12 Mile Coulee Road and south of Highway 1A, we find a piece of land that effortlessly connects urban amenities with an unrivaled rural residential lifestyle. The community is inspired by its breathtaking views and rolling topography that makes it a comfortable place to call home.

The vision for this development is focused on providing a community that is designed and built for Bearspaw. Residents will appreciate a diverse range of quality housing types and parcel sizes, many of which back onto community pathways or take advantage of views of the Rocky Mountains. A Market Place comprised of commercial retail and convenience goods and services is envisioned to be a unique destination that will enrich both the neighbourhood and greater Bearspaw community.

Highfield Land Management (HLM) has submitted a draft of the Ascension Conceptual Scheme to Rocky View County and it is currently undergoing a review by multiple stakeholders.

“A comprehensively-planned, development inspired by its breathtaking views and natural topography, located on the gateway into the Bearspaw community.”

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