About Ascension

Nestled on the gateway into Bearspaw and Northwest Calgary, we find a piece of land that effortlessly connects urban amenities with an unrivaled rural residential lifestyle. The community is inspired by its breathtaking views and rolling topography that makes it a comfortable place to call home.

The community is an exclusive development encapsulated by nature and spectacular views. Inspired by other Bearspaw neighbourhoods, residents will appreciate a range of quality housing types and parcel sizes, many of which back onto community pathways or take advantage of views of the Rocky Mountains. Natural features such as ponds, rolling hills and a creek that gently meanders its way into a stunning ravine and valley, are amenity spaces that will enhance resident’s connection with nature.

Celebrating its agricultural and farmstead roots, neighbours are connected via natural pathways that provide a ‘walk-in-the-woods’ experience. Within the community is a thriving yet intimate Market Place with a mix of boutique and high-quality businesses and services without having to travel to the city. The design is reminiscent of a local gathering spot – where you can shop and settle in for an afternoon.

The community will be a destination unto itself for residents and the broader Bearspaw community. Whether you enjoy casual walks along scenic pathways or enjoy the convenience of retail amenities, the community has it all. It’s a place where you can escape from the bustle of everyday life and enjoy nature or relax with family and friends.

Conceptual Scheme Development Concept

Project Objectives

  Sustainable Living with Plenty of Open Space

  • Ascension achieves the best of both worlds – serene residential living with retail conveniences and accessibility to the city.
  • The plan area is designed to effectively transition between the higher suburban densities in the City of Calgary to the East and the lower Country Residential densities to the South and West.
  • Residential density will be varied throughout the plan area to provide a variety of housing options and remain sensitive to the surrounding context. Higher densities will be achieved closer to the Market Place.


  • The Market Place will be a unique destination where conveniences and social connectedness intersect and enrich Ascension and the Bearspaw community.
  • Retail and convenience goods and services coupled with unique food and beverage operators and leisure/entertainment experiences will meet the daily needs of residents and the surrounding Bearspaw community.
  • Development will reflect ‘best in class’ architectural control standards that are complimentary to the residential and respectful of traditional Bearspaw values.

 Respect Natural Environment & Features

  • Ascension’s greatest asset is its natural features – forest, natural ravine and wetlands, sloped topography and views. The development concept has respected and maintained many of these natural assets.
  • A curvilinear road design and variety of lot orientations are intended to embrace the topography and views that this site provides.
  • The internal ravine and existing wetland have been preserved to maintain the natural vegetation in the area and support natural amenity spaces for residents and visitors.

 Diverse Housing Styles & Lots

  • Strategic groupings and locations of dwellings will leverage views and close-knit residential enclaves.
  • Complimentary housing styles will provide a range of residential scales and opportunities.
  • Senior housing that is sensitively integrated into the community, within walking distance of Market place amenities.

Open Space Network

  • An expansive open space network will encourage a ‘walk-in-the-woods’ experience within seconds of residents’ doorsteps.
  • Natural pathways will make use of the contours of the land and connect residents to the natural landscape and Marketplace services.
  • Designated meeting spaces have been nestled within the open space network to encourage community interaction and socialization.

About Highfield Land Management

HLM is a Calgary-based community developer that is committed to the Alberta housing market. Owned and operated by its parent and family-owned company, Highfield Investment Group, HLM has been a developer of residential and industrial land in the greater Calgary area since 1976.

HLM has spent years fostering strong relationships between top planners, engineers and custom home builders in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane and Langdon. At HLM, a face-to-face conversation with neighbours whenever possible is part of their mission to be a company of fair, honest and just plain good people to work with.

We bring land to life.

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